Learn about the primary Java annotations and how to use them

🍎 If you have ever seen a Java codebase, there is a high chance you saw something like @Override or similar tags before a method or class. These tags are called Annotations. Annotations are metadata tags that help define additional information to classes, interfaces, methods, or fields. Annotations don’t add extra implementation to the functional code but help with extra information like:

My Home Office

Notice: None of the links provided are sponsored. I bought the items at my own expense and am only sharing at my expense.

🍎 When the quarantine started in March ’20, I started working from my bed, remoting into my work machine. I didn’t put much effort into my work situation, thinking I would be back in the office within a few weeks.

🤦‍♂️ Boy, was I wrong.

🦠 As WFH started getting extended, I started investing into my home office, moving from my bed to the dining table, using a monitor, etc. …

image: git

🍎 This is one of the million articles you will read about a git flow. Still, I wouldn’t be a software engineer unless I told the world why the git flow I use is better than all the others, and why everyone should use it.

🧑‍💻 Every seasoned and novice developer knows of git and its purpose on Earth. But most people learn the ABCs, aka commit, push, and pull and work with it. When a merge conflict or rebase issue surfaces, they frantically start googling, hoping their local changes aren’t lost. I know this is because I was that…

A guide to making the most of your hackathons

🍎 In the first two years of my undergraduate career, I had been to around 12 hackathons and won over half of them. And I can confidently say that everything my caffeinated brain learned in those hackathons, helps me in my job more than what it learned in any lecture hall. At the various hackathons I attended, I have had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of wonderful people, many of whom I am still in touch with.

🎟 In career fairs, hackathons and personal projects are the only way freshmen and sophomore can prove their competence along with…

🍎 Having a bar at home is a luxury, but also a sort of a must, as is knowing how to make a few simple drinks to blow your guests away. Bartending at home doesn’t mean you toss bottles over your head, and glasses have flames all around them, rather it is knowing how to make drinks for your party.

🍹Making a full bar at home is pretty expensive, so it is good to start slow and not get lost in the process. If you have any particular needs, stick with them rather than making the full set. Most top-shelf…

🍎 I currently live with my parents, both of whom work in tech, and my younger brother, in highschool. In a house with 6 laptops, 5 phones, and a handful of smart home devices, WiFi is a scarce resource. With everyone working from home during quarantine, office hours became hell with one WiFi router. It couldn’t provide a strong signal over the entire house to 4 different video streams and misc activities on connected devices.

📶 To reduce the load on the router, I added another one on the same network, making a mesh, so that all devices would get…

🍎 Throughout my life, I have loved many and moved on. But the one love I can never get over is a bowl of oil, masala, and maida, which we all lovingly know as Maggi. If you have had Maggi, you know that it is an elite food. It is gold you can cook and eat. Whether you are a kid, a college student, a bachelor, planning a girl’s night in, looking for a 2 AM snack while working on your project, in need of the perfect dinner for a movie night, needing comfort food, or too lazy to cook…

🍎 I have been using a Mac for almost 5 years now and it has been a very pleasant transition from Windows. A lot of the dev work I used to do became a lot simpler and better on macOS. Along with it came a lot of tools that made life a lot simpler while tapping on the geekbox. I keep tweaking these every day, trying to fix that tiny something that is annoying me or adding a new feature to save me a single click. I will drop everything I am doing and get to it. I started using…

Work items may not be real

🍎 It’s been four weeks since I started at Salesforce as a new grad software engineer. It is quite exciting, but you always start slow: waiting on access to systems, permission to git, and setting up your dev environment, before moving on to fixing small bugs from the backlog. Here are a few things that I learned in the 20 days I have been here. Read or die.

You will not remember

📗 Take a notebook when you’re going to ask a teammate about the path of a file, expanding an acronym, or even the best ramen place in town. Under no circumstance should…

🍎 I just graduated from college and got my first job as a SWE. I had very little idea of how health insurance worked. But I read a lot of documents, spent nights in the library burning the midnight oil, and made a quick tl;dr medium post.

🚑 Every time you get paid, you chip in a little bit to the cost of having a country, you know, taxes. But you can reduce how much you have to chip in. Read on for learning how you can save on taxes and pay your medical bills.

🏛 In the hallowed halls…

Utkarsh Jain


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