My Home Office

Notice: None of the links provided are sponsored. I bought the items at my own expense and am only sharing at my expense.

🍎 When the quarantine started in March ’20, I started working from my bed, remoting into my work machine. …

🍎 I currently live with my parents, both of whom work in tech, and my younger brother, in highschool. In a house with 6 laptops, 5 phones, and a handful of smart home devices, WiFi is a scarce resource. With everyone working from home during quarantine, office hours became hell…

🍎 Throughout my life, I have loved many and moved on. But the one love I can never get over is a bowl of oil, masala, and maida, which we all lovingly know as Maggi. If you have had Maggi, you know that it is an elite food. It is…

Utkarsh Jain


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